About Me

Am currently pursuing my PhD at IIT Madras. My primary area of interest is in developing energy efficient systems. I have also worked on a couple of problems in hardware security. I am currently working on the following three problems I have also worked on developing heuristics for various post synthesis stages like partitioning,placement and routing, as a part of my course projects. My other areas of interest include Computer Architecture and Parallel Algorithms.




IBM Labs (July, 2015 - December,2015)

Problem Statement

In a typical design flow, multiple tools and scripts are used. Each tool reads the input, its associated constraints, processes and generates data as output. At present there is no mechanism to represent this data in a database which limits the possibility of live query on the data and get a useful information and value add out of it. For example: to find a timing critical path it requires to load a timer which in turn processes the input and eventually writes out report. Instead, it can be easily queried if the database is annotated with relevant information. The project addresses the following:

Academic Details

I have completed my B.Tech from Pondicherry Engineering College, Pondicherry in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering in 2011.


slpskp [at] cse [dot] iitm [dot] cse [dot] in