IBM Systems Labs Bangalore

Jun 2015 – Dec 2015 Bangalore

Developing Distributed EDA framework.

In a typical design flow, multiple tools and scripts are used. Each tool reads the input, its associated constraints, processes and generates data as output. At present there is no mechanism to represent this data in a database which limits the possibility of live query on the data and get a useful information and value add out of it. For example: to find a timing critical path it requires to load a timer which in turn processes the input and eventually writes out report. Instead, it can be easily queried if the database is annotated with relevant information. The project addresses the following:

  • Handle Hierarchical design data
  • Distribution over multiple clusters (as design is developed over multiple sites and multiple people and partitioned)
  • Extensible as data can be annotated with any information on top of the base structure.


IIT Madras

May 2014 – Present


IIT Madras

Jan 2012 – May 2014


Pondicherry Engineering College

Jun 2007 – Jun 2011


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Winner Embedded Systems Challenge, CyberSecurity Awareness Week, 2016

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